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Sorted By: Top Matches. Filtered By:. Grid List. Order By: Top Matches. In stock online Available in stores. This is Koiwai Yotsuba, Yotsuba Koiwai Yotsuba moved with Daddy to a new house from our old house waaaaaaay over there! And moving's fun 'cos people wave! And Yotsuba met these nice people next door and made friends to play with…. Record of Grancrest War, Vol. Did someone call for a badass mage to stop petty nobles from squabbling and face the real threat—unbridled Chaos?

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In a world where the noble elite are supposed to fend off the threat of terrifying Chaos but instead engage in pointless, petty squabbles,…. Fresh off the excitement of her camping trip, Yotsuba initiates a very productive session of sandbox play in which she instructs Fuuka how to properly run a bakery.

But even more exciting is a visit from Grandma! Yotsuba learns how to value and enjoy cleaning,…. Yotsuba's back! Today, Yotsuba was drawing Jumbo, okay? He's real nice and I guess a big baby.

Yotsuba&!, Volume 1

But he's too big to draw in Yotsuba's sketchbook! So Yotsuba drew Jumbo on the street in front of our house!

Yotsuba&! di Kiyohiko Azuma

In stock online Not available in stores. Yotsuba's getting a biiiiike, Yotsuba's getting a biiiiiike!!

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Didja know the wheels of a bike go round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and roun - oh, Yotsuba's getting…. Cows are neato! It's fun pretending to be a cow! And milk comes from cows, so I bet they're real nice too. Yotsuba thinks so! And milk comes in lotsa flavors, so cows must come in different flavors too.

Yotsuba met a robot at Ena's house! Betcha haven't met one ever! Yotsuba's never met anyone who ate money before! Maybe it gets more powers with more money!? Yotsuba should try…. Guess what, guess what!? Yotsuba is going to a flower store with Fuuka!

Guest More than 1 year ago I wasn't sure I was going to like this, since i'm into shonen manga, but it far surpassed my expectations. Yotsuba is really cute almost criminally so , the storyline is excellent and the art is great! Anybody thats anybody should buy this manga, it is that good. Don't think, just do it! Guest More than 1 year ago This is so funny! It's about this girl who moves in to a new neighborhood and is so clueless and is turning everything upsidown.

This is so funny and it's apropriate for all ages. Guest More than 1 year ago This series' awesomeness has been pretty much covered, so I'd just like to add something.

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If you are learning Japanese, this manga is fun to read in the original. Since Yotsuba is five, she speaks mainly in hiragana, and about half the sentences are short and fairly basic in structure. If you have a chance to purchase manga in Japanese, this is a good one to start with. Two to four years' Japanese lessons is enough to understand a good half of Yotsuba without a dictionary. TillieChan on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago hilarious But then I was at the public library waiting for a computer to open up so I could do some schoolwork and wandered into the graphic novels section.

This first volume was lying on the end of the shelf, all alone, so I picked it up to page through. And was totally captured. Yotsuba is an adorable, energetic little girl with green hair and four pigtails her name means "four leaf", thus the clover theme who is probably four or five years old. This first volume tells the story of the first few days of Yotsuba and her father's life in a new home, beginning with their arrival and moving in. Not only do we meet them, but we also meet Yotsuba's dad's friend Takashi Takeda, called "Jumbo" because he's practically a giant, and the new neighbors, the Ayase family: mother, elder sister Asagi, middle sister Fuka age 15 , and younger sister Ena age 10 or so.

Just like an energetic, happy four-year-old, really.

There is absolutely nothing bad or sad in this story, except for references towards the end of Yotsuba being an orphan her dad is a translator and found her when he was abroad and ended up bringing her home with him to take care of her , and maybe if you have a phobia of bugs, the chapter when Yotsuba accidentally releases a huge swarm of cicadas into the Ayase house might not be the best thing to read. It's totally cute and funny, though, especially when Jumbo starts showing off towards the eldest, and very attractive, sister.

Also, please don't be discouraged by the apparent plot points I listed in that last paragraph! This is a great example of "slice of life", where the plot is almost non-existent, and what details there are don't really matter so much as the view of everyday life. It's not very fast-paced, but Yotsuba's enthusiasm for everything and the comedy make that not matter at all. I'm a fan of slice-of-life, though, so I could be biased. This was a really fun read, and I'm going to see if I can't dig up more of the series the next time I'm at the library.

Yotsuba Manga Volume 1

Highly recommended. We're putting it in our children's comics collection. There's nothing inappropriate for kids, but I wonder if kids will pick it up, get what's going on, and find enough to stick with it. There's a lot going on behind the words and illustrations.


I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it!