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These are some shots from some very memorable weddings.

However, there are lots more to add too! If you are one of my "Flock" then please send me your favourite shots to add too! Wed by Ned. Well, as you may know I have a couple of Blogs, including my longest running being my SaidbyNed. With this Blog, I hope to keep to all things "Marriage" It will include a regular number of my own writings and anything special I find as well.

I have already published a certain amount of my own writings on Amazon, specifically for the Wedding industry, in my E-book on How to Have Fun Getting Married! This is a piece I wrote specifically for one couple who really wanted to have a fun wedding. Thus there was, in the beginning of the eighteenth century, a sign at the foot of the Pont Neuf, called le Petit Dunkerque , which was greatly admired; and in the reign of Louis XV. All these are now gone, but many good specimens of French signboard painting may yet be met with. Before closing this general survey of signboard history, we must direct attention to the number of streets named after signs, both in England and abroad.

A walk down Fleet Street will give, in a small compass, as many illustrations as are to be met [42] with in any other thoroughfare in town, for there nearly all the courts are named after signs that were either hung within them, or at their entrance. Not only streets, but families also have to thank signs for their names. And now, having taken a passing glance at signboard history, from the earliest times down to the present day, we may not improperly conclude this chapter with an enumeration of the inn, tavern, and public-house signs which occur most frequently in London, in this present year of grace, :—.

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Everybody began to laugh. Hence that joke of Crassus, the orator. On the Forum was also that of an old shepherd with a staff, concerning which a German legate, being asked at how much he valued it, answered that he would not care to have such a man given to him as a present, even if he were real and alive. Traces of its use are not only found among Roman and other old-world remains, but during the Middle Ages we have evidence of its display.

Indications of it are to be seen in the Bayeux tapestry, in that part where a house is set on fire, with the inscription, Hic domus incenditur , next to which appears a large building, from which projects something very like a pole and a bush, both at the front and the back of the building.

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Look at my sign, which is represented on the title-page, and you can never be mistaken. For some evil-disposed printers have affixed my name to their uncorrected and faulty works, in order to secure a better sale for them.

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But they have so managed, that any person who is in the least acquainted with the books of our production, cannot fail to observe that this is an impudent fraud. For the head of the Dolphin is turned to the left, whereas that of ours is well known to be turned to the right. Nobody shall be allowed to open a tavern in the said city and its suburbs without having a sign and a bush.

Vrouw , woman. Amsterdam, In the suburbs many may be observed even at the present day. By Alexander Pulling. Under the 72d section of the 57 Geo. The painting is now gone, but the verses remain. The Greeks honoured their great men and successful commanders by erecting statues to them; the Romans rewarded their popular favourites with triumphal entries and ovations; modern nations make the portraits of their celebrities serve as signs for public-houses.

As Byron hints, popular admiration is generally very short-lived; and when a fresh hero is gazetted, the next new alehouse will most probably adopt him for a sign in preference to the last great man. We will not now dwell upon these modern celebrities, but rather direct our attention to those illustrious dead upon whom the signboard honours were bestowed in bygone ages. Many signboards have an historic connexion of some sort with the place where they are exhibited.

Had this modern tribute of admiration been in use at the time of the Preacher, it might have afforded him one more illustration of the vanity of vanities to be found in all sublunary things. Horace Walpole noticed this fickleness of signboard fame in one of his letters :—. Some favourites of the signboard have, however, been more fortunate than others.

Henry VIII. Older kings occasionally occur, but their memories seem to have been revived rather than handed down by successive innkeepers. If we are to believe an old Chester legend, however, The King Edgar Inn , in Bridge Street of that city, has existed by the same name since the time of the Saxon king. The sign represents King Edgar rowed down the river Dee by the eight tributary kings. The present house has the appearance of being built anterior to the reign of Elizabeth, and the sign looks almost as old, but it would be unwise to give the place or the sign a much higher antiquity.

John of Gaunt may be seen in many places; and we may surmise that his upholders are stanch Protestants, who value his character as a reformer and supporter of Wicliffe. What prompted the choice of this sign it is hard to say. Be this as it may, years after the unhappy death of Anne, the village alehouse had for its sign, Bullen Butchered ; but the place falling into new hands, the name of the house was altered to the Bull and Butcher , which sign existed to a recent date, and would probably have swung at this moment, but for a desire of the resident clergyman to see something different.

Queen Anne , in South Street, Walworth, has evidently come down to us as the token of that house since the day of its opening, just as the Queen of Bohemia , who, until about fifty years ago, continued as a sign in Drury Lane. The Mourning Crown was afterwards revived, and in the last century it was the sign of a tavern in Aldersgate, where, on Saturdays, when Parliament was not sitting, the Duke of Devonshire, the Earls of Oxford, Sunderland, Pembroke, and Winchelsea, Mr Bagford the antiquary, and Britton the musical small-coalman, used to refresh themselves, after having passed the forepart of the day in hunting for antiquities and curiosities in Little Britain and its neighbourhood.

Not only was the Crown put in mourning at the death of Charles I. He certainly judged right; the honour of the mitre was much eclipsed through the loss of so good a parent of the Church of England. Those rogues say, this endeared him so much to the Churchmen that he soon throve amain, and got a good estate. In a great room of this house there was an organ and a band of fiddles and hautboys, to the music whereof it was no unusual thing for parties, and sometimes single persons,—and those not of very inferior sort,—to dance. To his miraculous escape at Boscobel we owe the Royal Oak , which, notwithstanding a lapse of two centuries and a change of dynasty, still continues a very favourite sign.

The Royal Oak, soon after the Restoration, became a favourite with the shops of [50] London; tokens of some half a dozen houses bearing that sign are extant. What is rather curious is that, not many years since, one of the descendants of trusty Dick Pendrell kept an inn at Lewes, in Sussex, called the Royal Oak. At Charing Cross it was commemorated by the sign of the Pageant Tavern, which represented the triumphal arch erected at that place on occasion of the entry of Charles II.

This was evidently the same house which Pepys calls the Triumph. It seems to have been a fashionable place, for he went there, on the 25th May , to see the Portuguese ladies of Queen Catherine. Many ladies and persons of quality come to see them.

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I find nothing in them that is pleasing; and I see they have learned to kiss and look freely up and down already, and, I believe, will soon forget the recluse practice of their own country. They complain much for lack of good water to drink. Queen Mary was in her day a very popular sign, as may be gathered from many of the shop-bills in the Banks Collection; whilst William and Mary are still to be seen in Maiden Causeway, Cambridge.

The accession of the house of Brunswick produced the Brunswick , still very common, particularly in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Under one of her signs at Coopersale, in Essex, is the following inscription :—.

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Among the foreign kings and potentates who have figured in our open-air walhalla, the Turkish sultans seem to have stood [51] foremost. Morat Amurat and Soliman were constant coffee-house signs in the seventeenth century.

Trades tokens are extant, in the Beaufoy and other collections, of a coffee-house in Exchange Alley, the sign of Morat, with this distich :—. Likewise, there you may have Tobacco, Verinas and Virginia, Chocolatta—the ordinary pound-boxes at 2s. For all of which, if any Gentleman shall write or send, they shall be sure of the best as they shall order; and to avoid deceit, warranted under the House Seal—viz.

The Great Mogol also had his share of signboards, of which a few still survive; one, for instance, in New Bartholomew Street, Birmingham. Kouli Khan we find only in one instance, though there were probably many more, namely, on the sign of a tavern by the Quayside, Newcastle, in He was killed in One of the reasons of his popularity in this country was the permission he granted to the English nation to trade with Persia, the most chimerical ideas being entertained of the advantages to be derived from that commerce. Hanway, the philanthropist, was for some time concerned in it, but died before he could carry out the scheme; ultimately, the death of Nadir Shah himself put an end to it.

The Indian King , which we meet with so frequently, is an extremely vague personage, which various Indian potentates might take for themselves as the cap fitted. It was generally set up when some king from the far East visited the metropolis, and for a short time created a sensation. See Spectator , No.

Visits of European monarchs were also commemorated by complimentary signs.

One of the oldest was the King of Denmark , and few kings better than he deserved the exalted place at the alehouse door; yet, such is the ingratitude of the world, that he seems now completely forgotten. The sign originated in the reign of James I. I think the Dane has strangely wrought on our English nobles; for those whom I could never get to taste good liquor, now follow the fashion and wallow in beastly delights. It used to be open all night for the sale of creature comforts to the drunkard, the thief, the nightwalker, and profligates of every description.