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Much better when using a shriving stone, due to getting scaling without it being Deep. Have yet to infuse it with anything, but buffing with certain spells seems better, in my opinion. To get the most out of this weapon physically, infuse with Heavy and use on a 66 STR build. I think that the unupgraded Deep Battle Axe has less damage that what is indicated in the table.

No point using this over the hatchet as it has far less range and doesn't shield chip. I got deep Battle axe at the start of the game and after some rigorous testing, i must say, best starting weapon in DS3, i even didn't upgrade it until i got to crystal sage Joke of a boss, there are mobs in earlier game stronger than him , carried me through swamp.

Great damage to weight ratio, sweet poise damage, a little slower than shiortsword, but sword lacks poise damage. It even staggers bosses sometimes. Now i farm for Dark sword, but this weapon will always have place in my heart. If you are "lucky" to get helm from that mimic, then this axe will be replaced by the helm and won't drop. Anyone have more info on the pros and cons of each? There is quite a lack of info as of right now in terms of upgrade stats and scalings. Its a very good weapon as it keeps staggering a lot of enemies even bosses.

The dagger axe ge is another form used in ancient times. Chinese battleaxes can be divided in three subgroups: In the Shang dynasty the Yue was also a symbol of power, the bigger the Yue, the greater the power. There are a few rare examples of Yue with a round blade and a hole in the middle. The Chinese Fu appeared in the stone age as a tool.

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In the Shang dynasty c. However, the prominence of the Fu waned on the battlefield as the Zhou dynasty came to power. In the Warring States era iron axes started to appear. Up until the Han and Jin dynasty, after having lost its importance on the battle-field, the Fu once again appeared as the cavalry was used more often. During the Song dynasty axes were popularized and many types of axes began to exist.

In the Yuan and Ming dynasties, axes retained their use in the army. In the Qing dynasty new types of axes emerge among the Eight Banners Army with straight edges. In modern Chinese wushu and Chinese opera there are many depictions of the axe. Many of these axes look thick and heavy, however, this is only appears so because the axe heads are hollow.

I, on the other hand, can never figure out what is north and what is south, and get thoroughly confused in city traffic. Somehow we found our Holiday Inn, with the driver, yours truly, in between a rock and the hard place, receiving conflicting directions from the two competing females. Finally the book mobile had reached Washington D. In our pleasant visit to the Embassy the next day, Erla applied for a new passport. After that we took a dry run to the Library of Congress.

Driving in Washington is quite challenging, with all the roundabouts and one-way streets. This famous Library is housed in three enormous structures, close to the magnificent Capitol building. They are named after the presidents Jefferson, Madison and Adams.

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We arrived early and were delighted to finally meet Taru and Peter. She turned out to be born in Finland and had worked for the Library for 30 years. Peter brought a cart and before long all the books were safely inside the Library.

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She presented us with gifts and mementos about the Library, and we drove away in the empty bookmobile. Next day we visited the main Library building, the Jeffersonian. It is a magnificient place, beautiful and interesting. There was some embarrassment when we entered, getting ready to go through the mandatory metal detector. It so happened that there is a Whole Foods store close to the Holiday Inn. This chain sells some Icelandic agricultural products and I had bought a small container of the famous Icelandic skyr.

Back at the hotel I found out that I did not have a spoon, so at breakfast next morning I borrowed one and put it in my pocket. Before going through the metal detector gate I was asked to empty the pockets of keys, phone etc. Then I remembered the spoon and reluctantly put it in the container. The security guard looked up at me with questions in his eyes when he saw the spoon, but said nothing.

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