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And all these things need to be factored into this duck that floats across the top of the water that seems so seamless and effortless, while this giant machine is churning underneath. Even 10 years ago there were just a handful of artists who did theatrical shows. Now everybody wants a spectacle. How many bodies? Two years ago, Silent House moved to a Burbank campus where the execs also brought in as fellow renters some of their most frequent collaborators, including Blink TV and Earlybird Visual.


I love all the new music. Having all four partners together in the same room is a rarity, the last time being a good six months earlier. They put in all those hours trying to build transportable housing that reflects the vision of the artists who have to live in it, not their own, as architects. Halpin moved from Ireland to England as he worked his way up in the business before heading to L.

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She is constantly, just as a person, pushing me to do better in my life. I think she is the most incredible human being — forget about artist, performer, mother and now vintner.

And then I did a design for Tears for Fears, who I had worked for 25 years ago, and to see them selling out arenas again [in Europe] was so much fun. Well, after many thousands [ Joni Mitchell had a birthday party to end all birthday parties last year when her 70th was celebrated at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, but it seems safe to say that her famous friends are going to want to want to fete her every year.

Three days after her 71st, Mitchell was the subject of a [ The song racked up more than 20 million audio streams and 3, downloads. A special moment with Thalia is also on [ You must verify your account in order to post comments.

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The Long Take In ‘Silent House’ Is Effective, But to What End?

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