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Shiver Me Timbers! Axe me Another A Dream Walking Disc 2 1. The Two-Alarm Fire 2. The Dance Contest 3. We Aim To Please 4. Beware of Barnacle Bill 5. No major ommissions on that list: "Axe Me Another" is about as close as Popeye ever got to ballet, while "I Wanna Be a Lifeguard" probably has the neatest use of the Tabletop 3D effect outside of the color mini-features.

These s Popeyes are near perfect, especially compared to the bland cartoons that followed. Working inside a rigid formula, the Fleischers piled in the inventiveness-- and at times, the overload of violence and cruelty becomes nearly surreal. They have probably the greatest example of that here: "Be Kind to 'Aminals'"-- Bluto is overburdening his horse, who just wants to drink from a tub of water. Instead, Bluto drinks the whole damned tub and punches the horse in the face for good measure!

And on the subconscious level, it works perfectly. God, Popeye is really the greatest. Check them out now! I finally got it yesterday, and it's one hell of a set. I never remembered that many colors in the cartoon. The sound is excellent. You can actually hear what Popeye is trying to say.

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Time will judge only the end result. As we create headphones, we emphasize hearing among the senses. And make no mistake, the Meze unforgiving standards of fun are here! But most perceptions involve simultaneously more than one sense: so we needed the comfort, the visuals and even the subdued smell to match the mark of the object. For an artifact to really feel organic, each part of it needs to be designed as if it coevolved; as if nature and time kept sculpting and optimising every aspect. The presence of wood enhances that message: the slight variation needed for individuality.

Product successfully added to your shopping cart. Cover by Casey Wales. People Magazine proclaims, 'Sagendorf did not create Popeye, but no one has a better claim to the title of stepfather! Segar and Bud Sagendorf loved! Cover by Jay P. A special issue featuring two stories with everyone's favorite, Swee'pea!

Plus you'll read the story 'Mountain Magic' and also the wackiest O.

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Wotasnozzle comic yet. Cover by Jim Siergey. G Wottasnozzle and…the Abominable Snowman! Cover by Bill Brewer. Here's another pow-packed issue of our sailor boy's adventures. The first comic is called just 'Popeye! Hilarity ensues. Wotasnozzle comic 'The Big Gas Man! Cover by Chris Mostyn. Everybody's favorite one-eyed, two-fisted sailor, Popeye, is back in his gloriously funny comic book of vintage hi-jinks!

POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN COMPILATION: Popeye, Bluto and more! (Cartoons for Children) (HD 1080p)

Five brilliantly written and drawn features pack this ish: An adorbable Swee'pea comic, a gut-splitting Wimpy tale, and more! Story and Cover by Bud Sagendorf. Cover by Dave Pryor. Fiftieth issue! Everybody's favorite sailor is back with more genius comics by Bud Sagendorf! Cover by Arturo Fuentes. Dollar Bin Codeword. Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Previous Next Issue: 1 Issue 1. Classic Popeye IDW 1. Add to cart Very Fine. Issue 2. Classic Popeye IDW 2. Issue 3. Classic Popeye IDW 3. Add to cart Fine.

Issue 4. Classic Popeye IDW 4. Add to cart Near Mint. Issue 5. Classic Popeye IDW 5. Issue 6. Classic Popeye IDW 6.

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Issue 7. Classic Popeye IDW 7. Issue 8. Classic Popeye IDW 8. Issue 9. Classic Popeye IDW 9.

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