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It proved they could be indispensable not just inside the home, but to their communities and country, and led to a gradual shift in values across Yugoslavia. But if women like Mare formed the background of the antifascist resistance, the movement also needed its trailblazers.

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The women's movement in Montenegro is another focus of our film. One of our main motivations for preserving the memories from this era of constant struggle was the fact so many of the people who knew Mare and her husband Bogdan are now quite elderly. Luckily we were able to talk to these vital sources of human memory, who helped us to build up a picture of a life of which there is little documentation in the state archives.

The fact that the public broadcaster aired the film shows that the anti-fascist struggle still resonates with society.

Physical resistance, or, A hundred years of anti-fascism

After all, Montenegro's statehood day on July 13 commemorates the anti-fascist uprising on that date in The stress conservatives place on family values and religious values threatens to limit individual rights and undo much of the progress forged in extreme circumstances by Mare and others. Abortion and a potential law on same-sex partnerships are two key targets for these groups, but there is no guarantee they will stop there. The distance between various social groups in society is growing at a worrying rate, and the vulnerable are at risk of being cut adrift.

This is where education comes in. Those who create educational policies must be aware of these trends and pay more attention to civic education in schools.

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It is not enough to simply criticize young people for not knowing or for showing interest in the events that their great-grandparents lived through. It is the responsibility of teachers to show them that the values of anti-fascism are not just a part of history, and that history is studied not to glorify the past, but to safeguard the future.

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  • Physical Resistance: A Hundred Years of Anti-Fascism.
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Originally published in Global Voices. This action might not be possible to undo.

Physical Resistance: A Hundred Years of Anti-Fascism by Dave Hann

Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. A film about a Montenegrin freedom fighter seeks to keep anti-fascist values alive "By sharing the story of an ordinary person's struggle, we wanted to remind younger generations how the rights we now enjoy were won Mare Bogdanova The production is available online with English subtitles. More from Global Voices.

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Studies of anti-fascism in Britain have tended to be either academic texts or partisan political histories. Physical Resistance is niether; it is an inclusive history, broader in scope than any other work so far. It covers the whole period of anti-fascist activism but importantly, it redefines political practice according to the act of participation rather than the adherence to precisely defined ideological standpoints and offers an alternative interpretation of political action, which includes physical resistance as part of an everyday pattern of opposition.

'Fighting Talk' Anti Fascist Action

This wider and longer historical perspective is pieced together through the everyday experiences of activists themselves. The importance of any book about anti-fascism depends upon how it is used. As well as the history of anti-fascism, our discussion will address the re-emergence of an anti-fascist movement over the last year. February 18, Categories: Anarchist , Antifa. Tags: Anti fascist , fascist , Protest , workers.

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