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In a major city, you can buy your groceries at 3 AM, indulge your craving for shawarma at midnight, or see a movie before noon. In a small town, you might be hard-pressed to even buy a beer on Sunday. Finding yourself hungry and running low on groceries in a small town leaves you with three options: get dressed and drive 30 minutes to the one diner that's still open, go hungry, or order pizza again.

But do you know who doesn't seem to care? Your favorite stars. You may not think you know everybody in your small town, but rest assured, somebody knows you—and your business. That time you made out with the drummer for that one band and didn't tell anybody? Yeah, the local pharmacist, all of your cousins, and your high school chemistry teacher somehow all know about it anyway. And when you want to reign in those gossipy impulses, discover these 20 Ways to Be Less Mean. When new people move to your small town, they often act like they're the first people to discover the place, much to the annoyance of locals.

We Asked People Who Left Cities For Small Towns If They’re Happier - VICE

Just because you opened a coffee shop or fixed up an old house doesn't mean you essentially wrote the town charter, too. Want to have a few drinks in a local bar? Still haven't quit smoking? Occasionally spend the night at your ex's house? If you're in a small town, you know just how hard it is to hide any of those vices.

If your town got some recent press coverage, prepare for seemingly non-stop construction. Suddenly, your quaint town will be overloaded with people building new businesses, fixing up old houses for months at a time, and making way for condo construction, making it virtually impossible for you to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. If you have kids in a small town, you know that they have two choices until they have their license: either stay at home or get toted around by you. A lack of walkability means that there's virtually nothing to do except get mom and dad to chauffeur them around until they're old enough to drive.

Did you miss your small town's Memorial Day parade? You're definitely going to hear about it from somebody. While they may seem voluntary, attending certain small town events is more or less mandatory if you don't want to get some serious side-eye from your neighbors. If you're a newcomer to a small town, you might just find that you're not as welcome as you hoped. In fact, regardless of why you moved to a small town—even if your family has actually lived there for generations—don't be surprised when people look at you like an outsider.

Think big city congestion is bad? The streets of small towns aren't exactly equipped to have a dozen people stopping to Instagram every cute house or impressive Christmas lights display, and the resulting traffic can seriously slow things down. Making plans on a Friday night in a small town often means one of three things: go to a friend's house, go to a restaurant, or drive a ridiculously long time to do something actually fun in the closest city. Even if everyone in your small town doesn't know you by your name, they probably know your parents.

If your parents have lived in town for some time, you'll forever be "so-and-so's kid" to older generations. You might be thrilled to have landed a great job in a small town, but that doesn't mean moving there is going to be easy, necessarily. Small towns generally have limited rental stock, and finding anything even remotely comparable to what you had in the city, whether that's an open-concept space or just a kitchen with granite counters, is often nearly impossible.

Parking in a city may be tough, but parking in a small town is often next-to-impossible. Not only is parking limited in most small towns as it is, if your town happens to have a weekender or tourist population, it might be virtually impossible to find anywhere to park your car, even at the supermarket. Job hunting is never an easy process, but in a small town, it's virtually torture. In addition to limited employment prospects, wages tend to be significantly lower than they'd be in a big city, and you may even have to suffer the indignity of interviewing with that kid who always pushed you into lockers in high school.

In a massive apartment building in Manhattan, you might not even know your next-door neighbor's name.

10 Reasons Why Life is Better in a Small Town

In a small town, you not only know their name, their family history, and their kids' soccer schedule, but you're supposed to make small talk every time you see them. Knowing that your exes continue to exist post-breakup is annoying enough. However, living in the same small town as them means that you run into them constantly, whether you're at bars, shops, or your cousin's Christmas party.

Small town cops don't always have a lot on their plates in terms of local crime.

Unfortunately, that means that someone's definitely watching—and eager to ticket you—when you accidentally go 35 in a Tinder doesn't help you much when there aren't very many people around. Also, if you're trying to impress a date in a small town, your options are often woefully limited. There's that one fancy restaurant, the diner, or that Chili's 30 minutes away. If a tree branch hits your power line in a small town, you'd better hope you had a backup generator at the ready. In many small towns, even a seemingly minor storm can mean the power's out for a week.

What do you do when you're not working? The last three years I've been just parking my camper for the winter and putting on a backpack and just travelling through Latin America. VICE: Where were you living before? Krista Elliott : I lived in Halifax for about 10 years. Right before we left in I was working as a customer service rep for a group benefits insurance company. My boyfriend at the time now husband was living with me down in Halifax. He's from Wallace and I was working at the insurance company and all was fine and then we were purchased by another insurance company and my entire department was let go.

Benefits Of Living In A Small Town

We kind of looked at each other and said "What do we do now? He loves exploring cities but living in them, not so much. I said "OK, fine, we will try Wallace.

My partner has turned vegan and I am seething about it

I'll give it a try but I'll make no promises whatsoever. How was the transition? Neither us had jobs at the time so I was completely freaking out thinking we would live in a van by the river. Now we both have jobs, we have a house by the river, kids. We didn't get the van. We have two kids, ages four and almost eight. For me, it was a little bit more difficult just as far as the conveniences really. Being able to get anything at a moment's notice. Even meals for example, we can't just sit there and be lazy and go 'Eff it, let's just order a pizza.

Overall I have become a lot better at providing and planning.

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Has it been worth it though? There are a lot of things that I gained that I wouldn't have necessarily had living in the city. After supper we go into the front yard and the kids go swim in the river and run around the property. We have 3.

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We can just let them run loose and we don't have to worry in the least, we live on a quiet back road. The childhood we're able to provide for our kids in this setting is something really magical. Can you describe your home? And how much did it cost? It's a good sized house, it's 1, square feet, three bedrooms, 2.

We built and we're still working on finishing a couple things. I'll say it was under k. Once any of your Vancouver or Toronto area readers read this, I'm probably going to get death threats. The gist of what we do is advance sustainability throughout the province and one of the areas that I'm focused on is watershed-based work. Over the last four or five years I've been working on the Nechako watershed, which is a watershed located in the central interior of BC. I started off my work with the organization in and worked in the Vancouver office for about three or four years and then I got an opportunity to move to Prince George, which was pretty exciting because it allowed me to continue my work in the place where the river is.

So that was kind of a big reason for my move, in addition to the other opportunities to live in a smaller community. Vancouver, as you know, has major issues with affordability and it was kind of nice to go to another community where affordability is less of a concern and it had major impacts on me personally.

Such as?

There's so many things that I actually got the chance to do that I wouldn't have a chance to do in a big city like Vancouver. Having the time to pursue your hobbies and artistic and creative adventures and being able to have the space after work to relax. Your wellbeing completely changes. Whereas in the bigger city, especially when affordability is an issue, you're usually taking on another job or it's a go-go-go mentality. In Prince George, five minutes drive or half an hour bike ride away, you're already in the bush, so that's mountain biking, that's hiking, pretty much anything we do in Vancouver, we can do in the interior and it's cheaper there are no lineups, you don't have to deal with traffic.

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Whereabouts did you live in Vancouver? And how does your rent compare? I lived in an apartment on Main and 10th avenue. It wasn't that I hated where I lived, I loved it. You're right by the breweries and the arts district. I'm still renting an apartment in Prince George, the living situation is not a lot different, but the rent is a lot cheaper, like 50 percent less. What that does to your mental health well-being and the ability for you to save is incredible.

What do you miss about the city?

how to have fun when u live in a small boring town

In Vancouver you can eat any kinda food at any time of the day.