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Saban International. FOX Fox Kids. When her plans for war on Kells are revealed, Maeve begins to raise a monster to battle Kells troops. Told of the ancient scroll which can find Dragenta, Rohan and Angus are on the trail, meeting with Ivar along the way. Deirdre follows as the four fall through a portal in the earth. In the fairy kingdom, the Knights are put through a series of tests to find their worth.

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Once they prove themselves, they are granted the Mystic Weapons which they use to fight back a Temra attack. The Knights fail to tame Pyre the fire dragon and realize they need their armor to do so. Rohan is first, defeating the Ice Lord of Temra to gain his armor and then assisting the others in fighting a juggernaut. Deirde faces the Lightning Bat of Temra for her suit of armor.

Ivar battles the Sea Serpent of Temra for his armor and his feelings about being in Kells. Meanwhile, the others protect a village from a Cyclops. Maeve has her soldiers kidnap Angus to keep him from facing the Rock Wolf of Temra. The Knights try to get Pyre on their side. The Knights manage to control Pyre to become an ally. Pyre reveals that Rohan himself is Dragenta, which he is uneasy about. Maeve takes advantage to cast a spell that turns the other Knights against each other. Mider tricks the Knights into giving up their weapons as he takes over Tir Na Nog. Maeve uses a plant to control Pyre, forcing the Knights to fight him.

Maeve and Torc trick Rohan into reciting an incantation and bring the ancient dragon Tyrune to life.

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The Knights must free Pyre in order to defeat Tyrune. Taking what she thinks is a potion to boost her strength, Aideen turns Deirde into stone and must undo the spell. Cathbad's druid teacher Seethchenn comes to Kells and seems to help the king making Cathbad feel unneeded. However, when it's discovered the druid is working for Maeve, Cathbad must overcome his doubts and fight his mentor. When Conchobar is taken ill by a spell in the form of a gift, Deirdre must become Queen in his stead.

However, her worry about making the wrong choices pushes her to accept a challenge from Maeve that could spell disaster. Maeve takes advantage of a Kells holiday to send ghostly creatures to attack. Aideen accepts a spell from Maeve that turns her into a human so she can pursue Rohan.

Maeve uses the opportunity to capture Deirdre, forcing Aideen to choose the princess or her new form. A messenger from Ivar's home requests his return as news comes of a new Temra attack.

Bard historian, genealogist, musician, low brehon

Both are part of a plan by Maeve to separate the Knights while she uses sleeping fog to take over Kells. On an errand for Cathbad, Deirde drinks from a magic pool that turns her into a hag. When she goes to Fin Varra for help, he's taken by her new appearance and shrinks her down to be with him. In order to forge an alliance, Conchobar agrees to marry Deirde to Garrett, a prince of another land. His arrogance soon rubs all the Knights the wrong way and they tell him to leave. Maeve uses a spell on Garrett to turn him into her fighter.

He soon manages to defeat the Knights and steal their weapons. Told that Garrett is important to the future of Kells, the Knights manage to free him from his spell. Garrett must overcome his arrogance in order to become the new Mystic Knight when he fights a giant spider in Banshee Woods. While Garrett is tangling with the giant spider, Mider summons four of the Spectres of the Banshee Woods to fight the other Knights.

The Knights discover a dragon's egg in the forest and must keep it from Maeve.

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Only neutral traveling fighters may become druidic knights. They must have adopted the philosophy of the druids prior to reaching knighthood and must swear fealty to a prince, king, or emperor faithful to the ways of the druids. In addition to all obligations and advantages common to knights, a druidic knight also has the following abilities: A knight can detect danger as per the druidic spell once per hour, simply by concentrating range of 5 per spell-casting level.

The knight cannot use that ability and attack on the same round. If the knights Wisdom score is 13 or more, the character can cast spells from the druidic spell list only as if he were a druid of one-third his actual experience level rounded down. If a fighter becomes a druidic knight right at 9th level, hell immediately gain the druidic spells of a 3 rd-level druid.

With a lesser Wisdom score, the fighter can still be a druidic knight but will have no spell-casting ability. The druidic knight learns how to meditate and cast spells as druids would. He can do so at someones behest, but at a price set at the DMs discretion that must involve a service to nature or to woodland beings. Druidic knights cannot turn undead. Druidic hirelings may include demi-humans especially halflings or elves and woodland beings. A druidic knight cannot have more Hit- Dice worth of hirelings than his druidic spell-casting level. In other words, if a druidic knight can cast spells as a 3rd-level druid, he may not have more than 3 HD worth of hirelings accompany him.

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The druidic knight must assist any woodland being asking for help with two exceptions: He does not have to help creatures opposed to the druidic philosophy and goals; and if the knight is on a mission for a higher authority such as on a quest, serving a duke, etc. Assistance never involves the donation of money or items, only the offering of personal services for a short time.

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A druid of the Ninth Circle or higher may summon a knight to escort him to gatherings at the Hallowed Forest of Carnuilh. The knight must remain with the druid until the end of the celebration. This call supersedes that of a liege. They have very similar abilities to the standard druid, but hold a place of high esteem among the southern human folk.

They adjudicate disputes and perform the ceremonies of the southern human culture. They dont protect groves, but do have an affinity for the several holy places in the south fields. Manteis Manteis, or Seers, are the specialty priests of the faith. They have been granted the sight by Corell to lead the priesthood and the people in the ways of Corell.

They are able to see into the future and learn the outcome of any action. Bards The celtic bard is the keeper of the history of his people and assists the druids of Corell in adjudication and all ceremonial duties. They have very limited priest abilities and the charms and song of the standard bard. Rogue Classes Bard The Paranese bard is the jack of all trades. Bards can do a little of everything, from sleight of hand, to real magic, to deciphering ancient languages, and reciting forgotten lore. They use their learned skills to survive, but they rely on their charm and sometimes magical songs to earn a good living as a patroned performer or as a traveling musician.

Skald The skald is the viking bard. He sings the stories of his people and acts as a scout and troubadour for the norse folk.