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Anything from 5 to 15, words is fine.

One story a magnet to attract readers and collect email addresses. The first is Mailchimp or any other mailing list provider. They will store your email list, send mass emails, eliminate duplicates, handle the unsubscribe process, and plenty more. Some people find Mailchimp hard to use and prefer Mailerlite. If you are ambitious and tech-confident, you might want to use the more powerful Convertkit.

Creating a smooth path for your readers is key. They need to:. If you need help with web bits, then get this. Again: all this set-up stuff can seem boring, but so is climbing up a long flight of steps. Rushing to publish too soon is the absolutely class, 1, gold-plated mistake that most indies make. There is, yes. Self-publishing is more complicated than regular publishing, especially at the start.

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Later on, it can actually seem simpler in many ways, especially if you hate giving up control. But still: a lot to take in.

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A lot to do. Well, yes and no. That course is super-premium, which is a fancy way of saying a really high quality, and b scarily expensive. After all, why buy, when you could rent? For a crazy-cheap and cancel-any-time monthly fee, you can become a member of Jericho Writers — a club designed for writers just like you.

Quite simply, we aim to give members as much as we possibly can.

An insane amount of value for as little as we can possibly charge. Think of us as a kind of Netflix for writers.

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And unlimited access to a whole heap of filmed masterclasses, including some brilliant ones on self-publishing. And filmed interviews with authors and agents and publishers. And an incredibly supportive community. And live webinars from top experts on all the topics that matter most to you. You can find out more about joining us here. We really hope you do. A lot of writers worry that self-publishing is going to be all about bigging yourself up on social media.

Endless tweets, endless bragging Facebook posts. I have a Twitter account mostly because that makes it easy for Twitterholics to contact me if they want. Some of those contacts have proved of real value. I also have an author page on Facebook because a traditionally publisher once told me I had to have one.

I got one, and neither they nor I ever used it. Although I do blog here, I hardly ever blog about author things on my own website. Actual book sales deriving from those blogs are trivial.

How To Sell Notebooks And Low Content Paperback Books On Amazon KDP

There will be categories of author where social media does really matter. If you hate social media and want nothing to do with it, you can still sell books very effectively on Amazon. In particular, if you build a strong audience on Facebook, you will make your FB advertising life a lot, lot easier.

Just forget about. For now. When a bookshop shelves your book, they need to choose where to shelve it. With romance? With crime? With general fiction? With health and beauty? Or what? When you upload your book to Amazon which is easy, and has become easier you will see a little box prompting, and you need to choose categories highly relevant to your book. Readers like perusing those lists, and Amazon likes to direct them there.

Until you have a little experience of your book, your genre, your sales, you are largely guessing as to which lists to target. If you are already published, then check out your Also Boughts to understand what kind of readers you have — what other books they like. You can use Goodreads or other online book recommendation tools to achieve the same kind of thing. When you come to upload your book, Amazon will ask you to give it seven keywords that describe your book.

Whilst categories have only one role they let you choose what bestseller lists to target , Amazon keywords have two roles to play, and they both matter. You think your book is good, but do you really want to fight off , other bad-asses? Counting the number of books allocated to Amazon categories I want, the book count — i. If you see a sub-category where your readers are likely to gather, then jump on it.

You want to explore the left-hand sidebar. That little baby is your friend. A useful pro tip here is that you can use multi-word phrases as your keywords, and every word counts. So for example, my sub-categories include options like Dark, Disturbing, Noir. So people can find books in at least four ways:. And that, really is all you need to know.

Some niches may vary, though, so always check against your own genre.

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  • Now we need to do two things. Except that, as you write more over time, that one free book will start leading readers into a larger pool of paid work. Well, yes, really. You are selling a series, not selling a book. If you understand that fully, your selling efforts will be vastly more successful over the long run.

    Your purpose is to attract the greater downloads, to acquire fans. Some of those older methods just look limp or expensive or awkward compared with more recent ones, so do read all of this section before you make your pick. You just do it. Look at your book page, though, and scroll down to the Product Details section.

    You should see at the bottom there a little rubric with contact links that looks like this:. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates to the product page? Well, yes, you would like to tell Amazon about a lower price, so tell them. Report that lower price using the automated tool. I also recommend contacting Amazon more directly via the contact page on the KDP site. Say something like this:. I would really like it if you would consider making the book free on your store as well.

    And, to be clear, my long-term aim is to sell a lot of work, at full price, through your store.

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    I very much appreciate your help. Fingers crossed. The results can be very good.