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It will help you make your boss more confident that your idea can work. You need to know what your boss likes. Should you discuss it informally while having a coffee? Should you book a meeting with other stakeholders? Should you first send a one-pager to present the idea? It depends on what your boss is used to. My rule of thumbs is to keep it low profile at the beginning.

Persuasion Techniques That Really Work

It makes things less scary and more human. Obviously, it depends on your boss. Read this article about how startups pitch investors a lot of good examples ; 2. Pick a book about negotiation. They teach you how to persuade other people. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff is a good one. A project needs a leader—someone who is accountable for it. A project creates results that you monitor overtime. And managing a new project requires a lot of effort.

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I often see my clients, who are running a new project, doing it in their spare time. New ideas can lead you in many different spaces. It could be a project about improving a way of doing things, launching a new feature for your product, or creating a new subsidiary. Some are more complex than others. But they all have one thing in common:. Do everything you can to make sure that it will work; 2. Get people involved and make sure everyone knows about the new project. Focus first on what you want to achieve and why. Once you have an answer to these two questions, find out how your idea can help your boss and the rest of the company.

Receive exclusive insights I only share this with my private newsletter subscribers. Email address:. I know… From playing the game of politics to slow decision-making to lack of time, we often face many obstacles at work. So here are 11 effective tips to persuade your boss to make change happen. As humans, we tend to think about ourselves first. But this is not how you can convince someone. Take this approach instead: Frame your suggestions in terms of how it can help your boss.

Three Strategies For Persuading Your Boss And When To Use Them

For this you need two things: Understand where your boss wants to be—the goals; Find how your suggestion can help your boss get there—the way. They want to know how your ideas can help them. The more you understand what your boss wants, the more chances you have to persuade him.

Barriers to Successful Persuasion

Stop considering your problems first. Look at the world from the perspective of your bosses. Ask yourself: What is bothering them?

How to Change Someone’s Mind - 5 Rules to Follow

What do they have in mind? How can you solve their problems? Build the reputation for being a great performer Any boss would trust more a great performer than the average employees. This is normal: Heroes get praise and attention. Your personal brand—i. The more you see and hear about it, the more you trust it. Keep in mind: Bosses are more likely to consider ideas from those they see as the best in their team. It depends on two things: 1. You can also use an analogy. In this case, what you need is external stimuli. You can just create a one-page summary and share it with your team, for example.

Build a coalition Build an internal network. When should you talk about your idea?

The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training

Try to get your colleagues involved. You may even want to let one of them lead the initiative, instead of you 7. But they can be difficult to understand. Stories are more convincing than numbers. Data visualisation helps us see new patterns. But it can really help you think about how you spend your life. But where can I find data? Finding the data is easy. These sources of data can already give you a lot.

There are tons of things you can do to convince people using data visualisation. Derisk the decision for your boss Low risk, high reward. These are the characteristics of a decision that is easy to make. Experiment with your idea If the risk is high, your boss will struggle to make a quick decision.

A solution is to go step-by-step: A small-scale experiment will help you test your idea, without costing too much. It could be testing a new feature for your product using a prototype. It could be experimenting with a new way of working for a couple of weeks. Bonus: You can use data visualisation to tell a story with the result of your experiment. Know how to pitch it to your boss The infamous pitch.

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How should you do it? Observe how other people pitch your boss and what tactics seem to work best. If you want to become better at pitching: 1. Click here for your free placement checklist! Humans love novelty.