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Our attitude towards corruption is communicated through our Code of Conduct. We acknowledge that countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Romania, all of them countries in which B2Holding has business operations, are perceived as higher risk countries according to the same ranking. For B2Holding, the corruption risk will largely be related to acquisition of portfolios or disinvestments of mortgages or loan receivables when these are not sold through regulated channels. In order to ensure a common set of rules and understanding throughout the Group, the Board of Directors has provided guidelines in the Code of Conduct applicable for all business units in the Group.

All local managers are responsible for establishing adequate and effective procedures in their business units to prevent and uncover irregularities or fraudulent behaviour such as corruption. In 10 of our 23 countries there is a legal obligation to set up a reporting channel for whistleblowing. In some countries, like Norway, whistleblowing is facilitated through an internal mailbox for reporting all ethics-related matters. Notifications are dealt with by the compliance or the HR functions and further reported to the local Board of Directors and Group Compliance function if relevant. We expect and encourage our business units to focuson conducting effective compliance risk assessments to ensure a risk-based approach to combat financial crime.

Several new Group policies will be introduced during , including Group policies on whistleblowing, third-party checks, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering. The purpose is to set focus on and to mitigate the risk of corruption.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The implementation will involve dilemma training to raise the awareness and to encourage employees to notify about censurable matters they become aware of. The Board of Directors in B2Holding ASA has provided a policy saying that all companies within the Group shall give the whistle-blower the same rights and protection, irrespective of whether this is regulated by local law or not.

We acknowledge that, in general, the debt collection industry has a reputation hurdle to overcome in many countries. Our overall goal is to be a preferred creditor for our debtors. Treating our debtors as customers sets our priorities and how we communicate at all levels of the organisation. Being a debt collection company with few complaints is part of our success and relevant also for our business partners when considering entering into long-term agreements with us, such as forward flow agreements.

In some circumstances, complaints may develop into a reportable incident. The complaint system in each subsidiary will depend on local regulations. Our goal for was to keep the number of complaints on the same minimum level as in In , the number of complaints represented 0. We believe our strategy of controlling all parts of the value chain by using inhouse collection and recovery agencies and our own call centres, is a key element for this success and will continue to keep the number of complaints on a low level.

For further improvement of our collection practice, we also want to hear the voices from those not filing a complaint. In , we will discuss, with selected major subsidiaries, methods for receiving such feedback on a wider level. Group policies and routines provide detailed guidelines on how we shall process personal data. All our employees are bound by confidentiality statements about all matters related to our debtors.

These rules are among our general privacy principles. During , all our business units have employed new or engaged existing employees as responsible for privacy compliance in their local unit. When necessary, they are in contact with the local data protection authorities, and with data subjects who have inquiries related to processing of their personal data. Throughout the year, all business units have installed IT-solutions which ensure compliance with the requirements for e.

Data protection training has been given to all relevant employees. We aim to take care of our most valuable asset, our people, and ensure that they are paid fairly and have safe and good working conditions. Our industry is known to have a high employee turnover rate, and we believe that to continuously invest in our employees through training and ensure good working environment and conditions can give us an advantage as an employer.

Fair wages and good working conditions may lead to lower sick leave and increased satisfaction among our employees. With a large workforce, comprising people working both full- and part-time, we find the focus on decent labour practices, safe working conditions, freedom of organization and anti-discrimination to be vital for B2Holding. In order to secure similar conditions throughout the Group, Group procedures for recruitment, onboarding, appraisals, training, future potentials and the exit process are implemented.

In the first quarter of , we have initiated a Group employee satisfaction survey. The target is to get feedback from all our people in the Group and use the results to improve the employee experience in all subsidiaries. We aim to pay equal salaries for equal work and performance regardless of gender.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Practical Perspectives by Thomas Beschorner

The Group will continue to pay salaries based on achievements, but will continuously work to eliminate gaps due to gender or other dimensions of diversity. All subsidiaries shall always make the effort to facilitate for individuals who need adjustable workstations, different tasks or flexible working hours. We aim to be a workplace where all employees thrive and are given opportunities for professional development.

To give employees the opportunity to use their abilities, develop their skills and be part of a larger group are, in our point of view, components for success. To invest in our employees could also result in a lower turnover rate in which eventually would impact our performance. At year-end , the Group had a total of 2, employees.

B2Holding has conducted several activities aimed at developing our employees. In , a wide range of best practice projects were initiated. We have experienced that sharing creative and innovative ideas has also provided our employees with an increased knowledge base in their daily work.

FinTech Ecosystem

In the upcoming years, we want to expand the programme to other regions and involve even more talented employees. All former FuPo participants have also been invited to the B2 Leadership Academy, a program created to educate and train existing and future managers. To provide stakeholders an easy-to-understand explanation of the Group's stance toward fundamental and universal elements of corporate social responsibility, top management approved the drafting of the Canon Group CSR Basic Statement below , which we disseminate widely both internally and externally.

Details of our CSR activities are disclosed to stakeholders through this report, which is published annually. In accordance with our corporate philosophy of Kyosei —living and working together for the common good—Canon makes sincere efforts to engage with the social responsibilities that come with operating a business and to disclose any relevant information. This basic statement reiterates our stance regarding the fundamental and universal corporate social responsibilities that the Company must fulfill in order to ensure Canon products and services can be used with peace of mind and maintain the reliability of the Canon Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Canon respects the following international initiatives and complies with them in line with the above basic statement:. The Canon Group, recognizing that its corporate activities are supported by the development of society as a whole, aims to achieve growth through sound and fair business activities while contributing to the realization of a better society as a good corporate citizen.

Therefore, Canon will promote its CSR activities within the international and local communities, effectively leveraging the company's advanced technological strengths, global business deployment, and diverse, specialized human resources. The CSR Division works together with relevant divisions to address any CSR-related issues that require inter-departmental cooperation, such as environmental, quality, procurement, human resource, facilities management, legal, IR or PR issues.

Divisions directly in charge of fields with high societal expectations, such as environmental protection, compliance, or quality management, take the lead in CSR activities in those areas. For specialized topics, such as quality assurance, environmental protection, information management, or compliance, the respective division provides employee training as required.

Canon also works to develop managers with a broad perspective by including an overview of CSR trends and Canon's CSR initiatives in the training for newly appointed managers. In addition, the CSR managers from Group companies around the world meet regularly to share information to support dynamic CSR initiatives across the Group. Taking into account the treatment of materiality themes in the GRI Standards for sustainability reporting, we collect and examine information on Canon initiatives and medium- to long-term business plans enacted thus far, demand in regard to society and corporations, and stakeholder expectations of Canon identified through our independent survey campaigns.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy | McKesson

Under these themes, we are actively working towards solutions to issues faced by global society. In the environmental field, to support the development of activities, we identify materiality issues at the topic level as stipulated in the GRI Standards. We also use the annual stakeholder surveys to confirm whether the materiality themes and related activities we have selected are considered appropriate.

Such feedback ensures we can make suitable revisions as required. Canon carries out stakeholder questionnaire surveys once a year to better understand the social issues stakeholders are interested in as well as the expectations they have of the Company.

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Based on the results of these surveys, Canon confirms the validity of its materiality themes and makes an appropriate review. In addition, these surveys help Canon analyze its impact on society and further improve its CSR activities. We asked stakeholders about materiality themes following the revisions we made in line with the third-party opinion. Survey respondents identified the following three SDGs where Canon is expected to contribute most.