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REX-BAC-T is available to you in two different types of packaging: Our convenient Bio-Paks that are pre-packaged in a biodegradable bag and require no dilution, measuring, mixing, special equipment or cleanup Our Economy Paks which provides additional value to our customers and are prepackaged in re-sealable jars.

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Both product formulations have the same powerful waste digesting characteristics. We certify each lot.

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Please Compare. Combines the waste digesting activity of natural bacteria and free enzymes to keep septic systems, cesspools, leach fields, and drain lines free from organic buildup. Every lot certified Salmonella free and guaranteed to meet or exceed our product specifications.

How cesspool law will affect Hawaii property owners

To view general principles of how a typical septic tank functions please view a Diagram of Typical Septic Tank. Choose a supply that fits your budget!

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Our septic tank product s has been independently tested by a leading University's Bio-Chemistry department proving the superior effectiveness of REX-BAC-T against many competitive products! Our industrial strength septic tank Bio-Paks are conveniently packaged for easy storage and handling. Simply grab and toss Our biodegradable, rapidly dissolving water-soluble packets and unique micronutrient enriched formula provides accelerated germination, growth, and superior enzyme production in the septic tank while eliminating odor and reducing ammonia concentrations in your septic system.

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Our industrial strength septic tank Economy Paks provides our customers the same industrial strength formula at a discounted price! Scientifically selected bacteria that provide outstanding performance in your septic tank that thrives in an aerobic with oxygen and anaerobic without oxygen environment! BioMat-X Industrial Strength Septic Product is absolutely the most cost-effective highly-concentrated septic tank aid product on the market today.

With more than 15 Trillion bacteria per gallon our BioMat-X restores clogged septic systems and leachfields. No other product compares!

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Cesspool Meaning

Wastewater treatment. Unbeatable range: Different wastewater collection tanks with building authorities' approval Wastewater collection tanks are the ideal solution for properties not linked to the sewer system which produce little or irregular amounts of wastewater. Product advisor Cesspool.

Cesspool Carat RS underground tank. Cesspool Carat XL. Cesspool Carat XXL.